5 Incredible Military Technologies Developed by the UK

The UK is known for many things but did you know that it is one of the leading developers of today’s military technology? With companies like BAE Systems, Raytheon and many more operating in the UK and constantly developing new technologies there’s no surprise that the UK has come up with some crazy and amazing technologies that have been deployed and used in conflicts all over the globe.

5. Type 45 Destroyer

The Type 45 Destroyer is one of the many variations of ships used by the Royal Navy today. This destroyer was developed by BAE Systems and is full to the brim with sensors, weapons and anything needed to track, lock onto and then take down enemy aircraft. Also, they use a radar guided missile system which can lock onto and shoot down aircraft over 120 km away! That’s not all, if you are lucky enough to survive the long range surplus this crazy water warlord can supply then your luck will surely be upturned when you come into range of its 20mm Phalanx guns. These guns also utilise radar to lock onto targets and then can unload a crazy 4,500 20 mm shells per minute into them meaning that anyone on the receiving end will most likely not be around to tell the tale. Not only is the Type 45 great at swatting down aircraft, it also comes packaged with a 113 mm cannon and two 30 mm gatling guns to defend itself from any other ships in the water. Best of all, the gatling guns can be remote controlled from the ship’s control room as well as controlled by radar to lock onto targets without the need of human guidance. Overall, this crazy aircraft destroyer is a force to be reckoned with and is one of the many reasons the Royal Navy is still the top when it comes to naval warfare.

4. F35B Strike Fighter

So technically this wasn’t fully developed by the UK, but they were involved so we’re counting it. The F35B was developed as part of a joint UK-US project and the outcome was something spectacular indeed. The F35B has one major feature that sets it aside from all its other aviation buddies, it can hover in a stationary fashion while midair! This is not only awesome, but incredibly useful as it makes landing, takeoff so much simpler especially when landing in emergency situations and in areas that may make landing in a traditional style impossible or difficult. This aircraft also comes equipped with guided missiles and bombs that can be carried internally that can be deployed when needed meaning that misfires are virtually impossible and this also helps with its stealthy nature. Speaking of stealthy, this jet is actually a stealth plane which means that it is essentially impossible to track and shoot down with missiles due to its radar and sensor jamming capabilities. Overpowered much. Also, the F35B is fully digital meaning that targets can be shared across a data link which means that fighters in a squadron can easily target and take down large swarms of enemy aircraft and is also incredibly useful in other combat situations such as targeting and destroying ground positions.

3. Accuracy International’s L115A3 Rifle

This rifle is the record holder for the longest-distance sniper kill ranging in at 2,475m. That’s over 1.5 miles! That’s not all, this wasn’t a stroke of luck as the sniper in question took down two people at that distance and then was able to take out the machine gun they were using! An incredible feat that would might otherwise not have been possible if not for the L115A3’s incredible range and accurate 8.59 m cartridge. This rifle may seem simple but with this tied to its name there’s no wonder that it is regarded as one of the best, if not the best, rifle in the world and is used by many different countries.

2. BAE Adaptive Tank

This tank looks like it was taken not only looks like it was taken straight from a sci-fi movie but with what it is capable of it might as well be in one. This tank is unique in that it can use the hexagonal panels seen on its exterior as pixels which can rapidly change the temperature of the tank itself to fit in with the environment it is in. This makes it incredibly difficult to pick up on infrared cameras and other heat sensing equipment meaning it can blend in and infiltrate areas where a generic tank would have been spotted and destroyed. Even if this tank is spotted without the use of temperature sensing technology most anti-tank missiles rely on heat seeking technology anyway meaning that it is most likely able to avoid most weapons that would otherwise be used against it. This is only the first stepping stone for this technology too as BAE Systems is planning on including it on helicopters, ships and more meaning that soon we may have a whole division developed for stealth vehicles.

1. Challenger II Tank

The number one spot goes straight to the Challenger II tank, no questions asked! This incredible feat of engineering has been around since the early 90s and nothing yet has topped it. Even BAE’s stealthy alternative is no match when compared to this beast and we’ll tell you why. There has only ever been one reported destruction of a Challenger II tank and that was a friendly fire incident. Not only this, but the round fired only impacted and did damage as, unlucky for the occupants, the shell hit the top access hatch causing the round to penetrate. Funnily enough, the tank that fired the shell was another Challenger II. Other than this there has been no other reported case of a Challenger II tank being completely destroyed even though it has been deployed in countless conflicts across Iraq, Afghanistan and many more areas. There was even one case where a Challenger II survived over 70 RPGs during the 2003 invasion of Iraq and managed to drive off relatively unscrathed once its tracks were repaired. So basically, when the Challenger II comes knocking you better get running because unless you own one yourself you aren’t going to be able to stand against it.








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