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Best UK Military Vehicles

If you’re in the military, getting around isn’t as easy as simply choosing an excellent, economical family car – it’s way more complicated, and expensive, than that!

Here I’m going to take a look at a few of my favourite military vehicles, and a look at why they’re so suitable for their purpose.

Challenger 2 Tank

Let’s start with the biggest thing out there! The Gold Star Battle Tank. This monster of a machine stretches to an impressive 11.5 metres in length (with the gun pointing forwards), is 3.5 metres wide and stands 2.5 metres tall; at 62,500 kilos, it’s hardly a lightweight. That does mean it’s not the fastest thing on the battlefield (topping out at 36 miles per hour) but it makes up for that with some pretty serious firepower. A massive 120mm tank gun (that’s the giant cannon on top), a 7.62mm chain gun (found to the left of the tank gun) and a 7.62mm mounted machine gun that sits near the hatch……plus more guns can be fitted if needed!

Warthog All-Terrain Personnel Vehicle

All-terrain vehicles such as the Warthog are used no matter the environment. This impressive military vehicle can take on jungle, desert and arctic environments, and it’s also amphibious so it doesn’t shy away from taking the plunge when faced with a watery obstacle. 

Being as this is about military vehicles, we can indulge ourselves a little by taking a look at the firepower in the air too.

Apache Helicopter

AKA The Tank Destroyer. The Apache is an all-weather, day-or-night attack helicopter that can keep tabs on up to 256 targets in just seconds. Its arsenal is made up of rockets, Hellfire missiles and a 30mm chain gun. Weapons deployment can be fully automated, combining all of its on-board smarts to identify and prioritise as many as 16 targets in under 30 seconds, while the pilot just has to concentrate on flying.

RAF A330 Voyager

The biggest aeroplane in the history of the Royal Air Force, is the A330 Voyager. It has a 60-metre wingspan and is nearly the same in length at 58.2 metres, with a height of just over 17 metres.

As well as being a huge transporter, able to stow 291 personnel and eight military or civil pallets in its cabin, the Voyager specialises in air-to-air refuelling. Fuel is efficiently stored in the wings and fuselage (freeing up all that room in the cab) and through a clever manoeuvre it extends a fuel line hose trailing behind it, which is then received by a following aircraft.

Now these may not be on your shopping list the next time you’re changing vehicles, but I bet, like me, you wouldn’t mind a test drive!!

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