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Welcome! I’m Dominic Moore and I live in Windsor, England, United Kingdom. Perhaps because of where I live and its intrinsic and historical links to our great Royal Family, I have grown up with an inherent love of and fascination for our Armed Forces.

In the digital age we live in, where everyone it seems is online, and where everyone seems to have their own personal websites; it seemed obvious to me that my contribution to the online era should be a website all about our national Armed Services.

I’m planning to use this site to indulge my love of other things too – fine wine and dining chief amongst them! – however this is primarily a website designed to afford me an outlet for all the British Military knowledge, information and facts I seem to have absorbed over the years.

For example – did you know that our Royal Navy currently consists of 74 commissioned ships, and that submarines have been in use by our Royal Navy for over 100 years now?

Did you know that the Royal Navy’s amphibious troop section, the Royal Marines, also contains 3 attached army units as part of their personnel?

Talking of the British Army, did you know that the British Army has a single command structure for both the regular Army and the Army reserves and that their Headquarters is at Andover? With 50 battalions and 17 regiments, the Army forms itself into similar collectives concentrated upon specific purposes – such as the Army Air Corps, as an example.

Talking about Air services (and I hope you like how neatly that happened!) brings me rather nicely onto the Royal Air Force, which maintains ground units as well as multi-role and single-role fighter craft. The RAF wasn’t actually formed until nearly the end of the First World War, on the 1 April 1918; and yet it is actually the oldest independent air force operating in the world today!

Well, as you can see, this is going to be a very fact heavy website – but hopefully, presented in such a way as to entertain alongside educating and informing!

I would really like this website, and its articles, to provide a useful current and historical picture of the British Armed Forces. Consequently, I’ll be flexing my writing muscles with articles that are a mix of current affairs and news and historical facts. You can follow me – and join in – on social media too, and all my published articles and stories will automatically circulate out to hopefully find an audience in the big wide online world we live in!

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